Wireless Broadcast

Rf over Fibre can be used to extend the range of Wireless Camera’s, Microphones and IFB systems. Systems like this have been deployed extensively in many sports including Motor Racing, Horse Racing, and outdoor track events where the field of play is large.

D2N has a range of RF over Fibre products it can supply to tackle these sorts of challenges. Some of these might include adding a set of remote antennas to a multi-channel wireless microphone package, or the remoting of an IFB transmit antenna to a place where coverage can be guaranteed. Wireless cameras and their telemetry systems can also benefit from RF over Fibre replacing long copper runs with fibre. What you see is a lift in signal level and also and improvement in signal to noise ratio giving you more headroom in the system.

Our base modules operate up to 2.5GHz so will cover most of the conventional RF audio and camera systems, however we also have 3, 4, and 6GHz solutions right up to 40GHz so no matter which wireless system you own we can provide an RF over Fibre solution to you.

Want to run active antennas at the end of a RF over Fibre system? No problem, we can provide a BiasT option to power those antennas. Need some bandpass filters to tighten up the receive sensitivity, no problem we can design and provide. Need custom made RF cables as well? No problems, we can provide the entire signal chain.

D2N’s point of difference lies in our ability to understand your application and to design a system that is fit for purpose.

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* D2N also has access to the UPSONIC range of UPS products, these are Australian made backed by with local service in every state. Products range from your simple desktop style unit right up to 10kVa commercial grade units

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