Content Creation

Content creation is where it all starts! What comes down the lens or enters the microphone is absolutely the most important part of any production as it is the first and last chance to capture content at the very best quality of the day.

It is also about having the right tools to produce that content, be it a vision mixer, editing platform or replay workflow especially with live sport.

At D2N we believe that regardless of what the endgame is with your content you should drive your content capture as high as financially or technically possible. That doesn’t mean everything you do needs to be in 4K or 8K, 5.1 or Dolby ATMOS, but it should form the foundation of what you are trying to achieve.

With so many manufacturers offering cost effective broadcast quality capture devices, hardware and software-based vision mixers, and non-linear editing workflows, it can be quite challenging to decide where to spend your money; we certainly are spoilt for choice! In terms of video, if we break this down into the basic building blocks, we have a camera, and we have a lens.

Understanding a little about how camera’s capture, and how lenses provide that optical connection is crucial to understanding why certain kit behaves in certain ways in certain applications or scenes. When thinking about vision mixing or editing solutions, the focus shifts to what type of content are you wanting to produce.

Our Brands

Thinking about cameras and lenes, AIDA Imaging and JVC are for us, those brands that offer the right mix of high quality, value for money and feature set that positions them as an excellent choice across a number of applications. Some of these might include live streaming in a fixed studio, a sporting field or court, cooperate boardroom, classroom or university lecture space, medical theatre, live music performance, theatre or house of worship. With choices of fixed position, PTZ, and handheld and a range of lenses to suit AIDA Imaging and JVC are our brands of choice when we consider video content capture.

Move over to the vision mixing or editing platform and we cannot go past SimplyLive. Born out of the desire to reinvent the way both onsite and remote production is delivered, SimplyLive offers a range of software and hardware solutions that brings touch screen production workflow to your fingertips.

“ViBox All-In-One systems allow a single operator to run a complete production on a single touch-screen. If your system includes the V16/8, V12 or V4-4K servers, you can expand your workflow to have multiple operators working on up to 3 different functions in a production…all on one system.”

D2N has supplied camera, lens and workflow solutions to various Local Councils, Broadcasters, Production and AV companies, Defence, and even Motor Racing circuits. Our ability to develop solutions across such a broad range of customers is not just how we add value; it is how we give you an outcome that is fit for purpose to suit ‘your business and workflow.

Recent Projects

May 19, 2022

Matt Stone Racing chooses high-end comms solution from D2N Technology Solutions

back to news SYDNEY, 19 May 2022 Matt Stone Racing (MSR) was first established in 2011 by team owner Matt Stone and is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.…
March 30, 2022

PremiAir Racing chooses comms solution from D2N Technology Solutions

back to news SYDNEY, 29 March 2022 When Peter Xiberras purchased Tekno Autosports he also acquired a company with a long and successful history of using D2N Technology Solutions. Thus,…
December 21, 2021

D2N provides comms for Southern Launch rocket launch facilities

back to news SYDNEY, 21 December 2021 Southern Launch is a rocket launch service provider, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. Their offering includes the Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex and…

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