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D2N – Technology Solutions offers a wide range of Rf over Fibre and Optical Delay line solutions from two of the world’s leading manufacturers, Rf Optic and Rf Venue.

With Rf over Fibre options covering 100kHz right up to 40GHz and Optical Delay line products covering 100MHz through to 20GHz we have a product to suit your application.

For a little more detail; Rf over Fibre can come in stand-alone, rack mount or outdoor IP rated enclosures, it can be uni or bi-directional, we can offer USB or SNMP control and BiasT to power remote antenna’s.  We now also have a range of premium high SFDR Rf over Fibre products for those mission critical applications.  Units are available in 1310 or 1550nm with MUX options as well!

Typical applications include, Satellite earth stations, Wireless microphone systems, Two Way Radio, LTE, Radar, Wireless Video (Broadcast & AV), Mine sites, High rise and tunnels!

Optical Delay lines come in an array of choices including fixed or variable delay, direct and indirect modulation, rack mount and small form factor enclosures.

To give you confidence in these products, lets chat about some of the customers who have chosen D2N for one of these solutions!

Dept of Defence (AUS), CSIRO, Macquarie University, Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade,

Internationally Rf Optic is the choice of NASA, SpaceX, MOD (UK), US Defence, Siemens, Israeli Defence Force, and many more.  D2N supports the Rf Optic range in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and across the Pacific Island Nations.

Rf Venue leads the way with the Wireless Microphone space offering products specifically suited for that market.  Their customers include NBC, EPSN, BBC, and NEP.  These are truly world class products…

We can design you a complete Rf system which includes Rf over Fibre, or we can help you integrate with your existing hardware; the choice is yours!

Keep scrolling, you will find plenty of information, pictures and PDF’s.  If you have any questions please reach out to us via the phone, or if you prefer the contact form at the bottom of this page!

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D2N has offered industry solutions to The Australian Defence Force, Government and Education Faculties, & partnered with the CSIRO offerring a RF solution to suit their requirements. To find out more, click on one of the below links.

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