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D2N has provided many Rf over Fibre and Optical Delay Line solutions to large organisations including Defence, CSIRO, DFAT, Universities, Broadcast and large venues.

RF Optic has gained its experience from multiple Defence forces around the world including Israel, United States and NATO, along with NASA and the Telecom and Satellite communities by tailoring special solutions for these sectors.
Rf Venues’ product range is geared towards the Broadcast and Production markets where cost effective low-bandwidth solutions can be provided to cover just about any Rf environment.
We offer our customers and OEMs various off-the-shelf products, as well as custom-made solutions optimised for a wide range of Optical-RF products.

D2N proudly distributes the entire RF Optic range throughout Australia and New Zealand offering support to existing customers, and new solutions for the growing fibre market.  With solutions for the Broadcast & Event Production, Defence, Mining and Construction industries D2N can design and supply a solution to any sized budget and application.
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D2N has offered industry solutions to The Australian Defence Force, Government and Education Faculties, & partnered with the CSIRO offerring a RF solution to suit their requirements. To find out more, click on one of the below links.

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