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Not just any Intercom system will fit all applications. Specific Intercom brands & products are best served for various purposes. 

For instance, there are different types of professional communications systems that can be considered for production use. Understanding which one is right for you and your purpose is integral to ensure you’re maximising the outcome. 

At D2N we stock a range of products to suit your every need, so get in touch and let us know what outcome you’re after and we will build a solution perfect for you.

D2N - Clear Com

HelixNet LQ & AGENT-IC

Digital Network Partyline

HelixNet Digital Network Partyline System uniquely delivers all features and functions of industry-standard partyline systems with digital audio clarity as well as IP connectivity to any digital network. 

D2N - Clear Com Agent IC & LQ

The LQ-Series are interfaces, available as a compact box or a 1RU panel, that can connect 2-wire, 4-wire and 4-wire with GPIO audio and call signalling over LAN, WAN, 4G.

partyline hkb 2x

The HKB-2X is a 4-channel, two display with shift page, flush mount digital partyline headset & Speaker Station that connects to Helixnet Main or Remote Stations.


Digital Matrix Intercom

The Eclipse and Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Platforms are the latest advancement in digital intercom technology for enabling critical intercommunications among production teams who need direct (point-to-point) and one-to-many (group and partyline or conference) connections.

hx system frames

Eclipse HX system frames provide an ultra-fast, flexible and scalable communications backbone for point-to-point and conference communications, supporting thousands of user connections on a networked, 64-matrices system. 

HX User panels

The most advanced user control panels on the market deliver unmatched features, functionality, audio quality and performance. All Clear-Com V-Series panels are compatible with the Eclipse HX systems and are available in pushbutton, lever or rotary key form

intercom panels

1200 series smartpanel

Featuring multiple full-color multi-touchscreen displays, 32 innovative hybrid-lever keys, the ability to leverage apps for multi- functionality, and the ability to easily adapt to the various workflows in use today

2300 series smartpanel

The unique feature set includes high-resolution, sunlight readable, multi-touch color displays, 18 keys in 1RU, premium quality stereo audio, as well as a multi-lingual character set.

1000 series

All control key-panels feature bright, dimmable 8-digit alphanumeric in-key LED displays, individual rotary encoder for listen level control and LED level indication for each talk key. 

artist matrices

Up to 128 ports can be accommodated in a single frame and up to 100 frames can be connected to a redundant dual fiber optic ring resulting in a maximum matrix size of 1,024 x 1,024 non- blocking intercom ports.


The Performer Series offers 2 and 4-channel master stations, rack-mount, wall-mount and desktop speaker stations as well as call light indicators and 2-channel beltpack headset stations.

MEDIA Networks

Riedel offer a range of media network products to cater to your integrated media signal distribution and processing requirements.

audiocom & two-wire intercom

audiocom balanced intercom

Audio balanced intercom systems, utilizing industry-leading balanced audio system structure and highly configurable and expandable modular designs, are utilized in virtually every kind of application and venue throughout the world.

two-wire intercom system

Two-wire intercom systems incorporates a 2-channel on standard microphone cable technology. Perfectly suited for studio broadcast, remote production, board rooms, theaters, stadiums and more.

Digital matrix frames

The Odin Digital Intercom can grow from 16 ports to 128 ports. Eight Odin units can be interconnected via an optical inter-frame link. 

The Adam matrix supports 272 ports with a single 7RU frame.


Using the Bosch-developed OMNEO technology, the KP-series keypanels deliver superior digital audio, free of noise or delay.

The CLD color display keypanel series boasts advanced flexibility features.

Wired intercom & Multi-channel stations

Green-GO offer a cost effective way to get into both wired and wireless full-duplex communications with their Beltpack- X and Wireless Beltpack X products


The Beltpack X can make use of 32 available channels, a program audio channel and an extra channel for direct user communication. This means users can talk to multiple groups or directly.


The Green-GO Multi-Channel Rack Station provides direct access to 32 separate users or groups.. It has an internal loudspeaker, a 3-pin XLR microphone connector & two Ethernet LAN ports.



The Multi-Channel Desk Station provides access to 32 users or groups, and has an internal loudspeaker. A 3-pin XLR microphone connector on the front panel allows you to connect a stalk microphone.


The Green-Go Multi-Channel Rack Extension is an addition to the Multi-Channel Rack or Desk Station and provides direct access to 24 extra users or groups. 


beltpacks, intercom panels & desktop stations

Green-GO offer a cost effective way to get into both wired and wireless full-duplex communications with their Beltpack- X and Wireless Beltpack X products


The Telos Infinity BP-2 is a next-generation wired Dual Channel Partyline Beltpack that is powered by Power over Ethernet and is natively AES67 compliant.

intercom panels

The INF-MP-16 1RU Intercom Master Panel features 16 multicolor talk/listen lever display keys that can show up to four lines of text plus bitmap images and icons.

desktop station

For use in locations where a rackmount panel isn’t practical, the Telos Infinity INF-DS-16 16 Key Intercom Master Desktop Station delivers the same functionality and features as the INF-MP-16 in a compact and attractive format.

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