Rf Optic 3.0GHz Bi-Directional Rf over Fibre Solution

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D2N – Rf Optic 3.0GHz Bi-Directional Rf over Fibre Solution;

Rf Optic 3.0GHz Bi-Directional Rf over Fibre


  • 50MHz to 3.0GHz Bandwidth
  • Includes 1310 & 1550nm WDM Mux
  • USB Interface
  • 5-15VDC Power Supply (not included)
  • Various rack mount & outdoor mounting solutions
  • BiasT Option (5VDC -200mA)
  • Price includes a ‘pair’ of devices Tx and Rx.
  • Applications include, Defence, Broadcast, Satellite Communications, Marine, Mining, LMR, Telco – LTE

RF Optic have developed an innovative compact bidirectional (2way) RF over Fibre (RFoF) transceiver solution.  It is comprised of an uplink of Tx and Rx (at 1550nm) and a downlink of Tx and Rx (at 1310nm).  The transceiver employs WDM technology to use only 1 fibre link instead of 2.  An optional control card for SNMP remote management will be released in Q1 2018.

The bidirectional modules are designed for applications where an uplink as well as a downlink are required such as Transmit/Receive antenna interfaces.

Both the Tx and Rx units include LNAs and variable attenuators that allow you to adjust the Noise Figure, Input P1dB, IP3 with wide dynamic range values.  The LNA is operated through the Rf over Fibre Software allowing RF input power in the range of -100 dBm/1MHz for wide-band applications, with a low Noise Figure of 6 dB. The Rf over Fibre link has excellent gain flatness with 0.5dB gain tracking between different links. For special applications requiring temperature stability operation, a unique algorithm supporting 0.5 dB over 100°C has also been developed.

D2N also offers a range of rack mount and outdoor enclosures to suit the entire Rf Optic Rf over Fibre range.  Our team of Rf Engineers can design a solution to suit your needs including site inspections, demo kit and path calculations.

Additional Information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 50 mm

Operating Range