Rf Optic – 0.1-15.0Ghz Optical Delay Line Solution

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D2N – Rf Optic – 0.1-15.0Ghz Optical Delay Line

RF Optic’s Optical Delay Line (ODL) series provides a high performance solution for testing and calibration of radar systems, or for RF communication.

The ODL can be purchased with an integral switch unit supporting up to 8 predefined time delay values in a single ODL unit.

Rf Optic offer both Selectable and Progressive ODL solutions.

Rf Optic – 0.1-15.0Ghz Optical Delay Line features include;

  • Up to 10usec delay
  • Internal Power Supply
  • 2Ru Rack Mount Enclosure
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Ethernet or RS-232 Software Interface
  • Delay Accuracy: 1%


  • Up to 8 Selectable Delays
  • Delay Accuracy of 0.1%
  • Rf Bypass
  • Dispersion Compensator for Long Delay Line
  • Full BIT using Signal Detector at the Receiver

Additional Information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 600 × 600 × 300 mm

Operating Range