Video Systems

D2N offers a diverse range of video solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers. We specialise in designing innovative solutions that can integrate with existing facilities or be the basis from which a new premises can start. Our technology partners are drawn from the most popular brands where we are continually looking for new ways to deliver video solutions across a broad range of customers.

Our suppliers include AIDA Imaging, Kiloview, SiennaTV, TVU Networks, Simply Live, JVC and Riedel Communications.  Each of these brands offer world class products across the video signal chain.  D2N has chosen these partners because they are innovative, provide excellent product training and support and value for money.  In terms of the types of video signals and formats, we cater to all the current including, SDI, ASI, SMPTE 2110-20, and NDI.  We offer a simple box-sale or if you need help solving multiple parts of your video system, we can take a more in-depth approach to really understand your application.

To talk a little more about the types of solutions we can provide, lets break it down into three categories; Outside Broadcast, On-Prem and Cloud.

Each of these require similar yet distinctively different technologies especially when you consider the huge growth in on-line streaming.

Outside Broadcast can take on two flavours with a sporting, community or corporate event being produced completely on site and then sent to a broadcaster or online platform for dissemination, or via a remote production solution where only the minimal staff are actually onsite and everyone else in a central location putting the show together.  Some sports lend themselves to the onsite model and some to remote.  It really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

On-prem relates specifically to the build-up and ongoing performance of a centralised storage, edit and playout platform typically used by production companies or broadcasters to manage their content.  This can include a range of hardware and software devices that are interconnected to deliver a resilient platform from which to manage their workflow.  We are also seeing creative agencies move to this model as it gives them a way of securing their IP whilst also being able to showcase their talents.

Cloud based video systems offer the most flexibility in terms of world-wide deployments, reduced capital expenditure and in many cases a ‘pay per edit’ type commercial model.  Cloud based systems can be hosted by the content owner directly or via employing an AWS style solution where the actual hardware risk is borne by the cloud hoster.  For many broadcasters, event companies and production houses this is the ultimate in terms of ‘bang for buck’ as they can resource up quite quickly for a specific project and then deescalate overnight once complete.  This is the platform that is exploding in terms of its take-up, and for manufacturers a place to point their R&D teams at for future products.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a couple of encoders, camera’s, signal convertors or a complete production workflow, D2N can assist in the design, installation, and maintenance of a solution to meet your needs.  Our attention to detail and ability to keep innovation at the centre of everything we do means you, the customer wins every time!