D2N is the Australian & New Zealand distributor for the entire range of Axitour products.  We provide local sales, rental and support across a number of industries including sporting federations and clubs. Referee and Umpire associations, warehouse and manufacturing, tour guides, language translation and much more.

Below you will find some of the most popular accessories we sell as part of the Axitour range.  Please feel free to contact us if there is something you cannot find or if you require a complete new system.

About Axitour;

Axitour Communication Solutions is a provider of wireless communication systems, such as audio communication systems and GPS systems. The communication systems include putting in communication during tours, business tours, conferences, meetings, sports, simultaneous translations and calamities. Axitour therefore has many customers who are active in tourism, amusement, industry, but also various emergency services.

The wireless communication systems or for sale and for rent. To buy or rent a GPS or audio communication system, Axitour offers suitable solutions. Finally, we provide services such as the issuance of the systems, project management, recording of audio texts and making video recordings.



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