Intercom Accessories

D2N supports a wide range of intercom accessories across multiple brands including headsets, earpieces, spare batteries, and more.

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D2N – Technology Solutions is a specialist Communications, Video & Audio company located in North Western Sydney with offices on the Gold Coast, Canberra and support engineer’s in every other capital city.

We started trading in 2005 as a simple consultancy for owner Jason Owen to use in between full time employment and on special projects where he needed an independent name to stand behind.  Over the years the business grew steadily gaining a very diverse but loyal customer base and technology focused family of suppliers.  Today D2N offers a huge range of options in terms of moving content, communicating and the very best in video and audio products.

As a privately owned and operated company we reinvest some of our net profit into R&D each year.  We support a number of community organisations through sponsorship programs and welcome to opportunity to engage with both the local and international business community, industry, media and Government to support their operations.

For us it’s all about lasting relationships, delivering incredible customer service and fit for purpose solutions.