Kenwood NX-3300K2 400-520Mhz 4Watt DMR, NXDN and Analogue Radio


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D2N – Kenwood NX-3300K2 400-520Mhz 4Watt DMR, NXDN and Analogue Radio

Kenwood NX-3300K2 features include;

This versatile handheld radio supports both NXDN and DMR digital protocols as well as mixed digital & FM analog operation, enabling it to serve with distinction in a wide range of enterprise- and operation-critical applications. Compact yet designed with durability in mind, it’s packed with convenient features like Bluetooth® for hands-free operation and built-in GPS.
Three different models with 14-pin Universal connector are available:
Full Keypad model with LCD, Standard Keypad model with LCD and a large 4-way D-pad, and the Basic Model without LCD or keypad.
Additionally, for expansion capability a software license certification system facilitates extensive customization.


  • Selectable DMR, NXDN & FM analog operation
  • 260 Channels, 128 Zones
  • Active Noise Reduction
  • Bluetooth and GPS as standard
  • DES/AES Encryption Options
  • Built-in Motion Sensor
  • IP67 Rating
  • 4-Color LED (Blue/Red/Green/Orange)
  • Half Keypad
  • Package includes;
    • NX-3300K2 radio x 1
    • KNB-57L 2000mAh Li-ion Battery x 1
    • Antenna & Belt Clip x 1



Additional Information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 210 × 220 × 90 mm

Operating Range