Hytera RD982SU2 450-520Mhz 50Watt Tier II DMR & Analogue Repeater, with XPT



D2N – Hytera RD982SU2 450-520Mhz 50Watt Tier II DMR & Analogue Repeater, with XPT

RD98XS is a 50W, DMR and Analog dual mode upgradable repeater which can work in analog
and DMR conventional mode. It can be upgraded to trunking or simulcast mode by software
only. One step upgrade package makes it easy to operate in different mode, analog conventional,
MPT-1327, DMR conventional, DMR trunking and DMR simulcast with only one hardware platform.

We also offer a breakout cable providing audio IO and PTT to suit various integration options. Features include;

  • Smooth Roaming and Handover
    • In simulcast system, the radio is capable of roaming
      and handover seamlessly between different BSs , the
      ongoing communication can continue normally
      during handover.
      Smooth Roaming and Handover
  • Repeater Diagnostic & Control (RDAC)
    • RD98X supports Remote (via IP port to connect to internet) and Local diagnostic
      (via USB) PC applications to monitor, diagnose and control the repeater status,
      thus increasing the maintenance efficiency. Hytera’s developed RDAC is able
      to support multiple master network connection to allow radio administrator to
      monitor multiple radio network upcoming!
  • Dual Slot Digital Audio Streaming
    • RD98X supports streaming of both the voice slots via the rear port accessory
      pins, allowing third party for capability expansion.
  • Analogue Digital Autoswitch
    • RD98X supports Analog and Digital channel auto switching, allowing efficient
      frequency sharing between Analog and Digital users during the digital migration.
  • IP Multi-Site Connect
    • RD98X supports network interconnect via the IP port of repeater to form a
      private radio network, allowing wide area coverage to meet dispersed locations
      data and voice communications.
  • 50W Output Power
    • RD98X supports maximum repeating power of 50W, and thus increasing the
      system coverage with lesser setup equipments.
  • 16 Channels
    • RD98X supports maximum of 16 channels, allowing efficient radio network
      control at different scenarios. The channel change can be performed either via
      RDAC PC tools, via the repeater’s front panels channel knob and via the channel
      steering from the repeater’s rear port.
  • Analogue-Digital Back-to-back Interconnect
    • RD98X supports different operating mode of Analog and Digital to interconnect
      for voice cross patch, allowing Analog users to communicate to the Digital users
      and vice versa. This has allowed the smooth migration for Analog users to the
      digital world!
  • Analogue Repeater Knockdown
    • RD98X supports repeater knockdown, that when activated via the repeater’s rear
      accessory pin, will disabled the transmit path of the repeater.
  • Repeater Access Management
    • RD98X supports radio users access control to the repeater, allows better security to
      prevent un-authorized users from accessing the radio network.
  • Analogue/Digital Telephone Interconnect
    • RD98X supports simplex voice communications between radio and telephone
      users. It allows a radio user to make a telephone call; or a telephone user to make
      either a Group or Private call to radio users. This feature utilizes the Commercial
      Off The Shelf (COTS) Analog Phone Patch boxes and a Plain Old Telephone
      Service (POTS) line to connect the Repeater to the Corporate Office Phone
      System (PBX) or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


Additional Information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 525 × 450 × 150 mm

Operating Range

Power Supply