Monthly Update – July 2020

Heading into the second half of the year, one can only hope it’s an improvement on the first six months for so many. We hope you are all well and healthy, especially our friends down in Victoria who are doing it particularly tough right now.

If we had to pick one type of customer for June it would be Motorsport. Throughout the month we saw a return to teams spending on new kit, building up their existing platforms and customers who had enquired pre C19 deciding the time was right to invest in communications. The Virgin Australia Supercars are back on the track, and we continue to enjoy working with Team 18, Team Sydney and Matt Stone Racing on their comms requirements.

monthly update july 2020

No surprises for who comes in second place with Defence continuing their ongoing relationship with D2N. Our custom built Rf over Fibre solutions and training platforms and are finding their way into a diverse range of projects across all of the 3 core services in the ADF along with their support agencies. D2N is the ASIA-PAC distributor for Rf Optic, the world’s best Rf over Fibre products.

Next in line is yet another customer in the Wagga Wagga region with the Regional Arts Centre engaging D2N to build a portable Soundcraft/JBL PA and Listen Everywhere solution. This will be used for events throughout the region with Listen Everywhere providing multi-channel audio via a free mobile app customised for the Arts Centre.

Across the month we also provided solutions for one of Australia’s leading Road Cycling teams, taking up a Hytera PD372 Two Way Radio package. Sky Sports continued to grow their Sienna installation with more IO licences. In the security space, one of our long-time customers Ace Security and Events took up a large purchase of Hytera PD412 and PD462 radios to add to their existing stock. We also managed to export some of our XLR4 pin covert kits designed for use with any 4 pin intercom system like FreeSpeak II, Bolero and the like. We have now sold over 700 of these units to over a dozen countries around the world!

We also moved into the world of shopping centres supporting Daelibs and Access Group Solutions with upgrades to existing repeater networks and in some cases to provision of new ones! Daelibs specialise in custom workflow apps to suit the Hytera PD760 series dual mode radio. D2N supports the entire range of Hytera PoC devices.

Still in the security space and we recently took up a long term rental agreement to supply Kenwood radios to PSG Security for their venues throughout Sydney. As I keep saying, it’s all about relationships and great customer service!

All in all a busy June with some really exciting projects in the pipeline over the coming months. I would like to thank all of our customers and partners who support our business, without every one of you we are just another company selling technology, and that will never do!

D2N – Technology Solutions support nearly 40 brands of the world’s best in audio, video and communications. For us it is all about providing, value and fit for purpose solutions to our customers, whilst continually developing close relationships with our suppliers both local and internationally.