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Need to keep your teams apart, but connected?

connecting the world

Need to keep your teams apart, yet connected?

Looking for ways to connect your teams with broadcast quality, low latency communications, video and audio solutions?

At D2N – Technology Solutions we have been busy developing innovative ways to
keep teams connected,  delivering content to diverse teams across the planet.

Our solutions work across all the regular operating systems, Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, iOS, tvOS and Android. We can
integrate with existing systems or design a complete end-to-end platform that is scalable, multi-format and broadcast
quality. We can integrate an intercom solution alongside real time editing platforms, all on your or a cloud based network.

Under the banner of #remote we have a range of solutions to suit many applications and industries including:

#remoteMedical #remoteBroadcast #remoteAV #remoteEducation #remoteConstruction

#remote solutions

Remote Education


So why not Skype, Teams, Zoom and all those other conferencing solutions?

There is no doubt that each of these solutions offer a great product each with its own sets of benefits to suit certain users.  Our point of difference is that we offer not just streaming of video and audio, but also control.  We can give you the ability to choose what you are seeing and hearing.  We can give you control to choose what other people are seeing and hearing.  This is more than a few people sitting around a boardroom looking at another group of people sitting around a boardroom.  This is truly a world-class suite of products that give you content-control, best part is it can live on your own IT hardware, or in the cloud; the choice is yours!


Can you supply the whole solution with cameras, monitors and audio equipment?

Absolutely, we have partnered with the best in the business for each part of our range including SiennaTV, JVC, TVU Networks, Kiloview, Riedel, Shure and Bose.


We have a location that doesn’t have great internet, or we need a high bandwidth internet connection temporality, can you do that?

Yes we can!  We have a range of multi 4G/Wifi/Internet bonding solutions that broadcasters are using every day to get content back from hard to reach locations.  These could be used for any of the applications listed above!


So, what is the core technology?

NDI!  As the future of video, audio and communications moves towards network based infrastructure, NDI is a flexible and versatile solution, allowing multiple video/audio streams on a shared connection. NDI supports high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video over standard Ethernet networks and the Internet.  With a huge range of endpoint devices now available we can bring in any type of source and deliver to any type of destination!

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