D2N provides comms for Airspeeder first-ever electric EXA Drag Race Part of the upcoming EXA Series

SYDNEY, 10 December 2021

D2N recently provided Airspeeder with custom comms for their first-ever EXA Series pre-season test race, also known as the EXA Drag Race. In this amazing race two remotely piloted Airspeeder Mk3 aircraft from Team Alpha and Team Bravo went head-to-head down a 300m drag strip in South Australia. To see the EXA Drag Race click here or go to:

The Airspeeder Mk3 machines can fly from 0-100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, reach top speeds of 200 km/h and are designed to reach altitudes of 500 metres.

These speeds make the performance of the comms system absolutely critical to the success of a race.

Managing Director of D2N Technology Solutions, Jason Owen, said, “With such an exciting sport literally on our doorsteps here in Australia, D2N is proud to support their communications needs. Seeing that first ever VTOL drag race gives us a real insight as to where this competition is heading. From the very first conversation nearly 12 months ago Airspeeder were clear about what they needed to achieve so for us it was all about matching that requirement to the right technology.”

As Owen mentions, for the drag race and the entire Airspeeder EXA Series the comms requirement was comprehensive as it needed to be ultra-reliable, high quality in terms of coverage and intelligibility, long lasting and encrypted.

Owen continued, “We supplied Airspeeder with Hytera’s PD6 range which gives them world class DMR technology with encryption as standard. We also provide them with our range of noise-cancelling and lightweight headsets which are the perfect accessory to give teams and officials that edge when clear race communications are a must.”

The Airspeeder machines are operated remotely by pilots who sit in ground-based cockpits and who will ultimately sit in real machines and will race in a similar way to Formula 1 drivers, just in the air.

The Drag Race brings the Airspeeder EXA Series closer to launch with up to four teams, each with two remote pilots, scheduled to race next year.

Owen sees the increasing importance of the comms as the Airspeeder EXA Series closer draws closer adding, “The Hytera PD662 radios, Raytalk RAN-1000A and RHS-0226H4 headsets with custom cabling already enable pilots to operate the radio hands free. The comms are instant, secure and high-quality just as they are in the motorsport world where we developed them and in turn, Airspeeder’s edge in comms comes from this same experience in multiple forms of motorsport. Applying that knowledge and experience to Airspeeder racing means we offer a fit for purpose solution that no one else can. We work with and understand Airspeeder’s requirements and have put into place a solution that can grow as each new team joins the EXA Series. This means Airspeeder’s comms solutions can and will scale and grow as their sport does.”

To find out more about the amazing Airspeeder race series go to: