D2N embark on a new journey with fierce talent

In our modern existence, technology has most certainly revolutionised our perspective of the world, but one challenge we face with these technological advancements is this purposeful question; what are the forms of communication that we may not think as having a positive impact on our lives?  
Let’s start off with a few fundamental communication technologies that are helping equip industries with the tools they need to ignite competition, safety, linguistics, and the power of clarity. 
What if we told you that language is no longer a barrier whilst watching & listening to a live broadcast? Would you believe there’s technology that has the capability to relay in real time a live broadcast in a different language? 
Of course you would, because we live in a digital and technologically savvy age where watches talk to us and vacuum cleaners are robots, and we have an App for everything!  

Scenario 1 
D2N offers exactly this – technology solutions which equip individuals, businesses and communities with devices and options that bring about better experiences surrounded by communication. They are a business dedicated to providing communication technology to bridge gaps, whether it be cultural, political, recreational, or as an individual – at every part of our lives advancements in communication offer unique experiences.

This means we can communicate and collaborate with people of varying nationalities, whom we may not share the same first language with. Essentially connecting with others becomes the heroine of our experiences due to such technological advancements in communication.

The world we live in allows us to communicate, connect, participate, engage and adapt to experiences with the sole intention to impact and create purposeful conversations with others.

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Scenario 2
A very different communication proposition to the one we just relayed, is having the power of speech & hearing clarity when you’re on the ground umpiring a busy football game, which undoubtedly becomes the most pertinent focal area to the success of the game. 
Picture this – you’re an umpire or referee on the ground, your adrenalin is pumping, heart racing during the final moments of the match. Being equipped with clear communication to the adjudicators or coaches remains a vital aspect of being able to correctly relay every second of what’s happening on the ground. To further this, what if you as a spectator could hear everything that’s happening purely by listening through your smartphone… wouldn’t that improve your experience? 
D2N has the vision and capability to change not only how match day staff interact, but also how patrons engage with their sport. With smart-marketing, accessibility, and ‘venue only’ content delivering an experience that drives more patrons to the game. Venues and sporting federations can see and learn more than ever about their supporters, interacting with them in new ways to provide even more value than just a ‘bum on seat’.

These scenario’s are two of many, both highlighting how advanced technology has shaped our behaviours, interactions and creating positive experiences. 
Essentially, D2N is equipping our civilisation with communication tools to improve our experiences. It is a business dedicated to bringing communication into every touch point of the world we live in. 

Who we are

Jason Owen with 30 year’s experience in the Broadcast and Production worlds covering television, radio, events and touring leads the business with a focus on customer service and innovation. Jason has built and led high performance teams throughout his career with manufacturers, facilitators, and service providers having worked all over the world on the largest sporting and reality projects.

With qualifications in Rf Engineering and Political Science Jason offers a unique skill set of entrepreneur, engineer, and humanitarian. D2N, an Australian owned and operated company commenced trading in 2005 and now offers a range of Communications and Audio solutions.
They’re set to transform how experiences are delivered and bring to our country a focus around telecommunications and all it has to offer. 
Industries supported include, broadcast & event production, Motorsport, Sporting Federation & Clubs, Houses’ of Worship, Government, Education, Building & Development.