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Water is the worst enemy of everything electronic, and in the uniquely challenging conditions workers face every day across Australia, it’s a persistent foe. It also poses challenges for many types of businesses, especially those that need to keep employees in touch with one another during a project. While more mobile phones are adding waterproofing these days, many of these devices are expensive smartphones. That means it isn’t a feasible option for providing your staff with waterproof and ruggedized communications in the field. What are your options instead? At D2N, we suggest you consider looking at waterproof walkie talkies by Hytera.

With experience and a developed understanding of the radio industry, D2N can provide businesses with modern and “future proof” solutions that answer all your challenges with communication. Today’s walkie talkies provide an incredible depth regarding functionality as well. Whether you have a small crew managing a remote area of land, a maritime business, or even if you manage a construction site, considering waterproof walkie talkies for sale should be your next move. What type of features do you need? What do you need to know about ACMA licensing and the use of radio systems? We can answer these questions and more for our clients.

Choose waterproof walkie talkies that deliver effective communications

When investing in new walkie talkies, you should look for three key things in the products you consider: reliability, functionality, and affordability. At D2N, we’re confident we can connect you with a product that meets your criteria in all three of these categories. As an authorised Hytera dealer, we can offer you access to well-developed product offerings.

For example, one of the 4-watt Hytera devices we offer comes packed with features, including GPS, Bluetooth, and a full-colour screen and keypad. More than just a device for audio communications, it is capable of much more. Meanwhile, it remains completely dust-tight and waterproof and received an IP68 rating. Whether your staff works in wet environments or harsh, hot, and dusty areas, their walkie talkie will continue to function. Is this the right device to buy for your purposes?

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Making the choice to buy waterproof walkie talkies is the same as any other important step for your business; you’ll want to carefully consider your options and make the best choice going forward. D2N strives to foster a close coordination between our business and yours to allow our team to identify your goals, both in the short term and into the future. We can then employ our knowledge of the products we offer for sale. Allow us to help create a communications package that is both efficient in the field and easy on your bottom line. With a transparent pricing model and competitive rates, we hope you will choose to partner with us to keep your staff in touch. To find out more, call us on 0414 887 810.