Buy the Best Security Two Way Radios for Sale Anywhere

Keep your employees in touch with each other with security two way radios from D2N. Our walkie talkies are robust with many features including digital and analogue options, call capabilities, programmable buttons, and more. When you want to buy two way radios, you can trust that we will have what you need.

Mobile phones are the preferred form of communication nowadays, but they have several disadvantages that make them unsuitable as communication modes for your security team members. Walkie talkies are capable of communication only and won’t distract security personnel with any additional capacities because the user can only communicate with someone else on the radio network.

Another disadvantage is battery life. When faced with heavy use, mobile phones often lose their charge quickly. This means that if you use these devices for your security communication, you run the risk of being out of juice when you need your phone the most. Even phones that have a long battery life still require consistent charging.

The security two way radios we have for sale, on the other hand, use a small amount of power, meaning their batteries can last for quite a while. This is a distinct advantage.

Clear Communication with Security Two Way Radios

When you buy security two way radios, you want to be sure your team members will be able to communicate with one another easily. Our walkie talkies always produce crisp, clear sound, even in noisy areas.

Coordinate your team with our walkie talkies with the use of a Hytera RD982SU1 400-470Mhz repeater radio. This device allows you to connect multiple security two way radios to each other, ensuring that when your employees need to speak with each other, they can. These radios are capable of digital and analogue communications, meaning that they are useful in most situations. They come with 16 available channels to ensure you will always be able to contact your team.

If you have a small security team and do not need a fully equipped radio command centre, we have other options for you. We have security two way radios for sale that are portable and less expensive than a full system while still providing your security team with excellent communication capability.

The Hytera PD412V is a good example of big features in a small package. A compact device, it offers group call and chat features, making it the perfect device for multiple communication efforts without the necessity of a repeater. It also has voice activation for convenience and those times when your hands are full, and you are unable to press the talk button.

Analogue and digital options keep it future proof and prevent obsolescence. These security two way radios are the best ones to buy for companies with smaller security teams.

Devices for All Your On-Site Communication Needs

We have security two way radios for sale to meet your every communication need at your business, so the next time you are looking for a solution to your communication problem; feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you facilitate better communication among your security personnel.