Buy Reliable RF Over Fibre Optic Transceivers from RF Optic: Work with D2N to Find the Right Transceiver Today

Are you thinking of making the leap from using copper wire and coaxial cable for your enterprise’s communications systems to using fibre optics? By transmitting frequency signals in optical format and then converting them back to electrical form before wireless transmission, you can achieve higher signal quality, lower transmission losses, reduced interference, and wider reach. All these factors are vital for future proof connectivity, and they are all good reasons to buy an RF over fibre transceiver for your business.

Find an RF over Fibre Optic Transceiver for Sale from RF Optic

At D2N, we have been helping companies like yours improve their communications systems since first setting out in 2003. Our passion lies in building long-term trusting relationships with our clients, something we believe is possible for two primary reasons.

First, we offer the best advice. We don’t do the hard sell and won’t push you to buy something that isn’t in the best interest of your brand. Communication system upgrades can be significant investments, so it’s important to get honest, candid advice from someone who knows the industry well before you buy. At D2N, we can play that role for you and help you update, improve and future proof your communications infrastructure along the way.

The second reason that we can build strong long-term relationships with our clients is by bringing them the very best products the market has to offer. If your business is looking for an RF over fibre transceiver for sale, you will make a substantial investment in the future of your business. You don’t want to settle for a cheaper product from a less well-established brand. On the contrary, you want to put your trust in a company and a product that has been proven time and again by businesses and entities around the globe.

For all these reasons, D2N is proud to be a licenced distributor of RF Optic’s range of RF over fibre products. These products are available as small form factor solutions up to 20GHz in a rack mount, which means there is a wide variety of potential communications solutions for your selection. Currently, RF Optic solutions are used across Australia, by everyone from the Australian Defence Force to major broadcasters and telecommunications companies. These products are also used globally for LTE services, GPS navigation, telemetry and more. If you want to buy an RF over fibre optic transceiver, in other words, you can hardly go wrong with RF Optic.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Product is Tested and Compliant

If you do decide to purchase an RF over fibre optic transceiver for sale from D2N, you can rest easy knowing that we have tested it thoroughly to guarantee compliance. Since RF Optic is based in Israel and serves its largest market in North America, the company’s products are not built specifically in accordance with Australia standards. For this reason, D2N has already lab tested each RF Optic product to ensure compliance with Australian standards. In fact, each RF Optic product we sell has been stamped with an RCM (or Regulatory Compliance Mark).

Are you interested in learning more about RF Optic, D2N and the RF over fibre transceivers we have for sale in Australia? If so, call us today on 0414 887 810.