The Benefits of RF over Fibre Communications (and Where to Buy RF over Fibre Converters for Sale in Australia)

Radio frequency over fibre (or RF over fibre) has rapidly become one of the most relied upon technologies in the realm of wireless communications. Using an RF over fibre converter, it is possible to transmit a radio frequency signal wirelessly with minimal frequency loss. The process involves the amplitude modulation via radio signal. This modulated signal can then be transmitted via optical fibre in such a way that allows for wireless signal access. Everything from LTE to GPS to wireless audio and video systems uses this technology to achieve clear, high-quality wireless signals.

Where to Buy an RF over Fibre Converter in Australia

If you are interested in pursuing RF over fibre transmission for your business’s communications, then D2N can help. As an authorised distributor of RF Optic RF over fibre products, we can provide your business with RF over fibre converters for sale. We can also work with you to create custom wireless solutions so that you end up with the perfect system to suit your unique needs.

RF Optic is one of the world’s biggest names in RF over fibre communications. RF over fibre converters from RF Optic (as well as other RF Optic products) have been implemented and deployed on a global basis by a wide range of businesses and entities. Indeed, the Australian Defence Force uses RF Optic products for wireless communications, as do numerous other government departments and bodies throughout the world. Other applications for RF Optic products include telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace, oil and gas, telemetry, satellite, land mobile radio, and more.

Understanding the Benefits of RF over Fibre Compared to Other Transmission Methods

So, why is this technology preferred over other types of signal transmission?

Because radio over fibre involves transmitting signals in optical form, signals transmitted in this fashion suffer much lower levels of attenuation than they would if transmitted via coaxial cable or other media. This feature is vital for all wireless communications since attenuation in the transmission stage means that a wireless signal is already noticeably diminished in strength by the time it is broadcast. Optical fibre, because it maintains the power of the signal better than electrical cable, can transmit stronger signals, which in turn are capable of travelling farther.

In other words, most organisations are choosing to buy RF over fibre converters because they are capable of transmitting signals that reach a wider radius of people at lower cost. Fibre transmission is also less sensitive to EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) than signals transmitted completely electrically, which leads to higher quality performance and service.

Are you interested in seeing how RF over fibre technology can benefit your business? Whether you are working with radio, wireless networks, or something else, D2N can help you find and buy an optimal RF over fibre converter for sale. Call us on 0414 887 810 to get started.