Buy Trusted RF Optical Delay Line Products in Australia from D2N, a Licenced Distributor of RF Optic Products

When businesses, enterprises, and entities in the marine, aerospace, defence, radar, satellite or telecommunications industries need to adjust to delay the transmission time of an optical signal, they often turn to products from RF Optic. RF Optic’s state of the art optical delay line products are used for everything from testing equipment to radar solutions and are regularly implemented by high profile entities such as the Australian Defence Force, NASA, and Space-X.

Where to Buy an Optical Delay Line from RF Optic

If you need to buy an optical delay line in Australia to use as testing equipment, as radar calibration technology or for some other application, RF Optic is a brand name worth remembering. After all, if a solution is good enough for NASA or Space-X, then it is probably more than workable for whatever you have in mind.

If you are in the market to buy an RF delay line and want to peruse the RF Optic range, then D2N can help. We are proud to be a licenced distributor for the RF Optic range of optical delay line products in Australia. These products cover up to 20GHz in a rack mount configuration and can provide your enterprise with the same signal delay and adjustment capabilities that NASA, Space-X and the Australian Defence Force have been relying on for years.

Choosing the Right Optical Delay Line Module for Your Application

Depending on the application and the equipment you are testing or calibrating, your needs for optical signal delay and adjustment are going to vary considerably. At D2N, we carry several different optical delay line solutions from RF Optic, each of which might be ideal depending on your situation. However, if this is your first time buying equipment to calibrate a radar or RF communication system, you may not have the first clue of how to choose the right module for the job.

Luckily, at D2N, we don’t just supply optical delay line solutions, but we have familiarised ourselves with them as well. Because RF Optic is an Israeli-based company, we need to be careful testing the company’s products and verifying that they meet Australian standards before selling them here. This testing procedure means that, when you buy an RF delay line from us in Australia, it will be tagged with an RCM (or Regulatory Compliance Mark). However, it also means that we have tested each delay line system and can tell you which solution is right for you depending on the equipment you are trying to test or calibrate.

In other words, if you need to buy an optical delay line in Australia but aren’t sure which solution is right for your application, just give us a call at D2N. With our knowledge of the RF Optic product range and our drive to help our clients put together the perfect communications systems, we will be able to work with you to pick out the perfect product. To buy an optical delay line, click here and start browsing what we have available.