Is Your Business Looking for Long Range Two Way Radios for Sale? Buy from D2N for Complete Customer Care

Good communications are an essential part of any business’s success. In an office setting, much is made of efforts such as streamlined floor planning and leaving cubicles behind to foster open lines of communication and boost productivity. What about when your employees work from utes instead of a cubicle? With a large team dispersed in the field or working on a large job site, communication is even more important. Often, it’s vital for one team or employee to check in with or transmit information to someone elsewhere on the site, quickly and at the push of a button. Mobile phones won’t always work—and that makes it a good time to consider long range two way radios.

Radio communications remain effective over long distances, and handsets often provide many hours of operable battery life ideal for long days and extensive field operations. At D2N, we provide an easy and straightforward way for businesses to buy the long range two way radios ideal for their purposes both today and into the future. As a licensed dealer for Hytera radios, our clients have access to an extensive range of commercial grade and cutting-edge radio equipment. Not all radios are equal in the field; some are better suited to certain applications than others. Our team is here to help you make the right determination.

Achieve complete site coverage with long range two way radios

Hytera, two way radios, offer exceptional long range coverage in a variety of formats and across a diverse spectrum of frequencies. With two and a half decades of manufacturing experience, Hytera provides professional mobile radio solutions to more than a hundred countries globally. In other words, they provide some of the most reliable products on the market. Many of these devices are capable of broadcasting and receiving both analogue radio signals and digital radio. In either case, you will experience clear and reliable communications even over a long range.

Do you need to equip vehicles with mobile radios, or buy portable units for staff on the ground? What about a combination of the two? D2N understands the complexities of these systems well. We can mix and match product types to create a system that integrates seamlessly into your existing communications infrastructure.

Explore your possible choices today

With the long range two way radios for sale through D2N, you can connect your employees and keep in touch with them even over incredible distances. When someone needs to send out an emergency alert, they won’t need to worry about whether they have reception for their mobile phone. With the additional features built into many of today’s two way radios, you can also choose a solution that matches your level of need. Partner with our business today and buy a setup that will provide reliable operations for years to come. Browse our catalogue online, or call us on 0414 887 810.