Keep Staff Safe & In Touch Even Over a Long Distance: Buy Long Range Walkie Talkies for Sale

On job sites with many potential hazards, such as a mining zone or a construction site, safety is a responsibility shared by everyone. No worker or staff member is above the requirements for safe operations, and everyone must work together to ensure a safe and productive work environment. In many cases, this relates strictly to safety procedures while operating equipment and the wearing of special protective gear. However, communications are just as important a part of site safety. Whether it is workers alerting one another to where they are and what is about to happen, or an injured employee calling out for help, long range walkie talkies accomplish the job with ease.

Today, long distance walkie talkies for sale come packed with potential features and options that can provide your company with a robust communications solution. At D2N, we offer not only a licensed source for high-quality Hytera radio products but also the opportunity to tap into our accumulated knowledge and experience. Do you need a custom-tailored solution to meet the unique safety and communications demands faced by your business? No problem — bespoke options are a core area of focus for D2N. Before exploring specific long range walkie talkies for sale, think about what is most important for your applications.

Factors to consider when you buy long distance walkie talkies

Communications density (i.e., the number of simultaneous users) and range are two crucial considerations to work through early in the purchasing process. Trunking capabilities, GPS, and other features are also attractive to many business owners. SMS (text messaging) is also possible with many of today’s walkie talkies, providing useful functionality that is already familiar to most users.

You can buy long distance walkie talkies that lend extra safety to your operations. For example, some radios come with a “man down” feature. Upon activation, the radio will wait to detect certain conditions, such as tipping over or impacting the ground. It will then turn on an alarm if not deactivated by the user; the radio will automatically alert other users to an emergency while keeping the channel open to the user in danger. This is a life-saving feature very useful for remote sites or during construction.

D2N: a provider of custom solutions

With the added safety and convenience, you can bring to your workers after you buy long range walkie talkies, it’s clearly a smart investment to make. Partnering with D2N allows you the opportunity to receive a bespoke solution that aligns with both your needs and your strategic goals. We place a strong emphasis on proactive customer service, and we are in the business of building long-term strategic relationships to provide equipment and support. With many quality Hytera products available for sale, we invite you to browse our online selection today to begin developing an idea of what you need. Ready to take the next step? Click here to go to our contact page.