D2N: Your Source to Buy a Hytera DMR Repeater

If you want to buy a Hytera DMR Repeater, choose D2N. We have over a decade of experience helping businesses solve their communication problems, and we’re ready to assist you today. The technical aspects of radio communication can be overwhelming, but we’re here to simplify it and advise you on the best course of action for your individual needs. We understand communications and provide technology solutions for an ever-changing world. Our focus is on helping your business communicate using equipment that won’t be obsolete tomorrow. We provide future-proof results to make sure you’re ready not just for today, but for five and ten years into the future. If you’re plan to invest in the dynamic field of communication, make sure you’re ready for the future.

Why Choose Hytera Repeater?

Hytera is one of the premier manufacturers of radio repeater systems and at D2N you can buy a Hytera repeater. Our repeaters are some of the most versatile brands on the market and are packed with features. From the AC/DC auto switch on the RD622 that cuts over to battery power if the power goes off, to the ability to operate in digital or analogue mode, a Hytera repeater will help meet your communication needs. This repeater has a voice cross patch that allows digital and analogue users to connect. Digital can talk to analogue, and vice versa. Everything is in one small, light box that you can mount on a wall – RF, power supply, and duplexer. There is even a provision for repeater access management, which gives the radio administrator access control to prevent unauthorised users from using the radio network. Even more importantly, Hytera facilitates simplex voice communications between radio and telephone users. This feature lets a radio user make a telephone call, and allows a telephone user make either a private or group call to radio users. A DMR Hytera repeater also supports a Remote IP connection, enabling the ability to monitor, diagnose, and control the repeater, which increases maintenance efficiency.

Multiple Uses Across Many Industries

Companies buy a DMR Hytera repeater and radio system for a multitude of reasons. Businesses in the forestry sector appreciate the GPS and “man-down” features Hytera offers. The man-down feature provides reassurance to workers who are out on their own that if they fall, their radio will emit a signal automatically and let others know what has happened. Companies with employees in distant locations find the wide coverage area and private network capability a must for data and voice communication. Construction companies find they love the voice clarity and ruggedized assembly of the radios that includes extreme water and dust resistance.

D2N also stocks an extensive selection of Hytera in-ear and over-the-ear accessories for our Hytera radios, including light, medium, and heavyweight headsets intended for even the noisiest conditions. We also have Hytera Bluetooth and multi-PTT (Push to Talk) options for even more convenience.

We’d love to talk to you about putting together a communications solution for your business. Contact us today on 04 1488 7810 for more information.