Buy Hytera Digital Radios: For Sale Online at D2N

Hytera digital radios are known for their durability and usefulness across a wide range of applications. D2N is an authorised Hytera retailer in Australia. We have Hytera radios for sale with many options to suit every industry, from security to construction, forestry, manufacturing, and transportation. As Hytera is on the leading edge of technology in two-way radios, D2N is in the forefront of providing the newest, most flexible technology to our clients. We build communication systems that are “future-proof”, so your investment won’t be obsolete in a year or two. We’ve had well over a decade of experience setting up commercial grade radio-based communication systems, and we know how to tailor the right fit for your business. Using a mix of emerging technology and old-fashioned ingenuity, we aim to meet our clients’ needs. We can even provide ACMA licence planning help.

Hytera Digital Radios – Cutting-Edge Tech for Your Business

Hytera is a leading supplier of digital radios across the globe. With its vast foundation of Research and Development, Hytera is dedicated to both meeting and anticipating client needs. As such, their radio communication systems are not only modern but adaptable for future needs as well. This makes the decision to buy Hytera radios an easy one to make. Every Hytera digital radio also has analogue capability, ensuring a smooth migration from one to the other.

D2N carries Hytera digital radios with features that include messaging, super clear audio, voice-operated transmissions to initiate hands-free communication, and more. The most sophisticated models we sell can do so much more than just carry a conversation. They have colour displays with full keypads, data services, and a future development port to enable upgrading. The safety aspects Hytera has on many models are just as impressive, with options such as electrostatic-free design, “man down” alerts, emergency alarm, and priority interrupts. Construction and energy companies love the ruggedized casing of the PD982, which carries an IP68 dust- and water-resistance rating.

A Solid Investment

At D2N we understand that investing in the right communications system is vital to your business. You want a company with a dedication to customer service that understands what your needs are and can design a system to match. We think it’s also important to make systems future-ready by using technology that can expand and be upgraded as needed. We’ll ensure that we address all aspects so your company can improve connectivity, safety, and productivity. We’ve been helping companies do just that for years, and we’re confident that we’ll find the right combination of equipment for you.

In addition to Hytera radios for sale, we also offer a complement of Hytera repeaters and accessories. Our broad selection includes extra batteries, Bluetooth adapters, and in-ear and over-ear headsets that can handle even the noisiest of settings. All this comes with our singular commitment to excellent customer service. We want you as our client now, and ten years from now, so we go about our work with that in mind. Call us on 04 1488 7810 to get started.