Ditch the Walkie Talkies, Buy Commercial 2 Way Radios and Get the Right Sets for the Perfect System

The walkie talkie was first developed during World War II and was used primarily by the military. After the war, its use spread to public and commercial use. The modern walkie talkie still uses push-to-talk technology, and you can find units ranging from toys for kids to commercial ones used in public safety applications. Walkie talkies are still used by some businesses, but for a more reliable communication system, you should buy commercial 2 way radios.

Commercial 2 Way Radios Versus Walkie Talkies

Commercial 2 way radios are often referred to as walkie talkies since there are similarities. Two way radios also utilise a push-to-talk system and, as the name suggests, can send and receive two way signals. They are also available in mobile and stationary base configurations. Two way radios have become a more common means of communication these days. The modern mobile or cellular telephone is an example of a two way communication permitting a user to call out and receive calls at the same time using two different radio frequencies.

Benefits of a Commercial 2 Way Radio System

Many businesses today rely on mobile phones as their primary means of communication. On individual job sites, the mobile phone may not be the best alternative. How do workers communicate during an emergency or disaster? Mobile phones rely on cellular service towers to complete calls while commercial 2 way radios provide service during any emergency. Also, all workers on the system can be contacted simultaneously. With a mobile phone, employees would need to be contacted individually.

A 2 way radio system is extremely cost effective. There are no monthly fees or contracts. The radios are very easy to use, and they are lightweight. They are designed to certain specifications that make them very durable. Most importantly, communication is clear so employees can talk to each other in any situation.

Future Proof Your Communication with D2N

For the latest in commercial 2 way radio sets, D2N continues to deliver future proof technology solutions. Today’s technology is rapidly changing, but our know-how as a premier communications solution provider helps protect customers in the long run. We supply the latest emerging technology that is commercial grade and built to last.

D2N offers a broad range of commercial grade 2 way radio solutions. We provide Hytera 2 way radios for the smallest work sites all the way up to multiple site installations. Our goal is to provide your operation with the right communication solution. Our professionals can advise you on all our 2 way radio equipment as well as ACMA licencing to make sure your system is fit for your situation and future proof. The last thing you want to do is purchase a 2 way radio system that becomes obsolete within a year.

To meet your business’s communication needs, turn to the professionals at D2N. You will find the top established brands and market leading technology. Our customer service and reliability are unparalleled in the industry. For technology solutions for an ever changing world, call us on 0414 887 810 or send an email to sales.aus@d2n.com.au.