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What's Your Take on the Recent Findings?

Below our Managing Director, Jason Owen recaps what the INTEGRATE audio visual industry discussed in their most recent report (2018). You can read the full report here.

Audio, Streaming, Unified Communications and Home Automation seems to be the big winners in terms of where respondents think the growth will come from.

Companies are worried about poor quality products coming in from Asia yet 45% of respondents were not interested in R&D.  I think the key term here is collaboration!  D2N has invested over $50,000 in 2018 into R&D.

On the impact of the Amazons and Alibaba’s entering our market; I agree that there is an opportunity to position a business with a personal touch rather than a box sale model.  The trick is how do you keep the customer buying the kit ‘and’ your integration services as one.  Last thing we want is to be shopped against Amazon for the kit and then just come to us to pull cables and plug it in.  D2N is positioning itself as a solutions provider for this very reason.

I definitely agree that there is a level of confusion about standards and which ones to adopt.

In terms of respondents it would be great to add more role categories so the ‘other’ group so we can drill into the detail on who exactly is responding.

Interesting to see there was little comment on how to engage with the upcoming generations.  As the old-guard get closer to retirement what will the next generation of power brokers look like?  How do you engage with them and what is important to them?

Definitely concerned about ‘prosumer’ kit finding its way into tier 1 productions because they can do 99% of the job for half the price.  For me that’s is all about the appetite for risk in both the supplier and the client.  Sure you can run a show off an iPAD and a couple of bits bought from a retailer but when you get into the higher levels of client expectations that simply won’t cut it and I cannot see that changing anytime soon.  On the flip side it has definitely forced the tier 1 manufacturers to sharpen their game as the technology advantage levels out a ‘little’ in some areas.  Take a look at Blackmagic, what a great success story!

Whilst many people talked about IP audio and video, almost no one mentioned the need for education despite 40% of respondents saying they were from the education sector.  This has been a huge problem since the 90’s when two things happened; the training guarantee levy was scrapped and the workforce moved to an even bigger freelance model.  I have seen a steady decline in education levels over the years with the term ‘engineer’ thrown around so much as to devaluate the efforts of people who have gone and gotten themselves the real degree.  D2N will be launching its own range of online Rf training courses in 2020!  Feel free to drop us a line if you have any specific requests for content in those courses.

How will increased consumer demand impact on what products and services pro-Av companies offer?  Moreover how will it affect how productions are delivered and what ‘toys’ will move across both spaces.

Overall this was a good read, it is great to see some local data compared with reading Euro or US centric reports.

Thanks to Integrate, Diversified Communications Australia, and Explori for putting this together.

A link to the report can be accessed here.

 D2N is a communications and audio solutions company based in North Western Sydney.

Jason Owen is our managing director with over 30 years’ experience in the broadcast, production and event industries.

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