Customise the Audio Everywhere App with Your Brand’s Logos, Imagery, and Artwork

Do you operate a restaurant or bar with multiple TV screens in the eating area? If so, it’s probable that you often have several broadcasts going at once: a sporting event on one TV, a news station on another, a scripted show on yet another, and so on. In most cases, patrons won’t mind watching the TVs with low or no volume. They are usually more of a background diversion than the focus. However, during big live broadcasts, major sporting events or other high-profile TV broadcasts, some of your customers might want to be able to hear the audio as well. Therein lies the beauty of the Audio Everywhere app.

What Is Audio Everywhere?

Audio Everywhere is a mobile application that was developed by a Silicon Valley start-up back in 2012. The application provides ‘high-quality audio streaming services’ for businesses that have multiple TV screens, music channels or other audio offerings for their customers.

Available as a free mobile app on both Android and Apple iOS devices, Audio Everywhere lets your patrons choose an audio channel over your business Wi-Fi and then stream the audio from that source. It’s a terrific way for customers to be able to hear the audio from a specific TV channel without distracting other clients or having the audio from multiple channels clashing and conflicting.

Since 2012, the Audio Everywhere app has been adopted by businesses around the world with everything from restaurants to offices using the service. Gyms and fitness centres will often use Audio Everywhere to give members a way to watch TV with audio while working out. Churches and places of worship, on the other hand, have implemented Audio Everywhere as a means of assistive listening. Universities, casinos, conferences, and even sports teams have used the solution for other purposes.

Brand the Audio Everywhere App to Reflect Your Company Aesthetic; Call D2N Today

You may be concerned that using the Audio Everywhere app means that there will not be a clear link to your brand. Customers are streaming your audio channels over your Wi-Fi network, but the app itself may seem more related to a third-party entity than it is to your brand. As a result, you may be concerned that you are missing out on what could be a compelling touch point between your customers and your branding.

Luckily, it is possible to take the Audio Everywhere app and customise it with logos, banners, channel names, artwork and other imagery and content unique to your brand. By branding the app, you can create a strong bond with your customers. They’ll see the app on their phone, open it and remember your establishment and how they had the option to stream the audio channel of their choice. This recollection may even help you attract repeat business. When former customers are looking for a place to watch a football match or work out, they’ll recall your establishment and the accessibility of high-quality audio.

Are you interested in branding your Audio Everywhere app? If so, D2N can help. From deploying an Audio Everywhere solution on your Wi-Fi network to customising the app, all the way to an ongoing updating service, D2N can support your Audio Everywhere solution across Australia. Call us on 0414 887 810 to learn more.