ACMA Planning

Who ARE the acma?

The ACMA are the Federal agency responsbile for managing all spectrum related legislation and licensing.
They are a government body who control licensing conditions relating to two-way radio equipment. 

What is it?

The ACMA license is a document giving permission to the registered owner that they may use a certain frequency when using their two-way radio.
This use is restricted to a certain set of conditions.
Depending on the band, power evel, location & equipment specified there are a range of different licence conditions that need to be met to
ensure each individual or company remain compliant with their licence.

What Are the different licences?

Class Licence:

The ‘Class Licence’ dictates that for certain bands and/or frequencies you are permitted to operate under a ‘class’ licence. 
meaning, the ACMA ‘class’ a certain set of channels where a licence is not required. Those with this type of licence therefore are able too conduct communication on these set number of bands or frequencies. Note: you must ensure you use a compliant radio & it’s programmed acoording to the class licence conditions.

Site Licence:

A site licence offers the owner protection from that frequency being re-sold by the ACMA to another licence holder a given distance.
By owning a site licence, you have the ability to call on the ACMA should you experience interference on your service.
A site licence offers the most protection, however is restricted to that one location and the area around it.

National Licence:

The ACMA have allowed a small set of frequencies to be assigned for National usemeaning you can use the set frequency anywhere in Australia.
There are a few conditions surrounding this licence, these are:

You must not cause any interference to any site licensed service
You are required to still meet the licence conditions for your National Licence

How Does D2N help simplify the process?

We offer clear and concise advice
We will organise the licencing for you or your business
We will provide you with the ACMA compliant documentation


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