A few words about us

D2N – Technology Solutions is a specialist Communications, Video & Audio company located in North Western Sydney with offices on the Gold Coast, Canberra and support engineer’s in every other capital city.  

Our products and services range from Two-Way Radios, to Rf over Fibre and Optical Delay Line solutions, Intercom Systems (Wired and Wireless), Wireless Audio  (Wireless microphones and IFB systems), Wifi Audio solutions (Fan engagement and audio streaming), Referee/Umpire Comm’s Systems for all type of sports, ACMA licence planning, Rf Engineering and much more.  We also specialise in Video Solutions for remote broadcasting, ENG, and live events with a range of both endpoint and software based solutions to build from the ground up or augment your existing network.  This could be for Reality TV, Sports Broadcasting, or News content that needs to be viewed, edited or produced in multiple remote locations around the world.  Lastly, we also offer a range of belt worn Tool Kits for Broadcast, Production or Event staff.

D2N – Technology Solutions started trading in 2005 as a simple consultancy for owner Jason Owen to use in between fulltime employment and on special projects where he needed an independent name to stand behind.  Over the years the business grew steadily gaining a very diverse but loyal customer base and technology focused family of suppliers.  Today D2N offers a huge range of options in terms of moving content, communicating and the very best in video and audio products. 

As a privately owned and operated company we reinvest 15% of our net profit into R&D each year.  We support a number of community organisations through sponsorship programs and welcome to opportunity to engage with both the local and international business community, industry, media and Government to support their operations.

For us it’s all about lasting relationships, delivering incredible customer service and fir for purpose solutions.

Our Mission

“To deliver our customers a future proof technology solution through outstanding customer service and reliability.”


The cornerstone of our service model. Client focus is for us, our number one priority!

To continually undertake a process of research ensuring we are not just current, but leading edge when it comes to technology.

To provide transparency in our pricing model, building trust and longer lasting relationships.

Meet our team

Jason Owen

Jason is a Rf & Electronics engineer who has the in-depth knowledge to revolutionise the way industries & businesses communicate.  He has worked all over the planet on just about every type of event, broadcast and sport.  A passionate leader who loves a challenge!

If you have a certain requirement, Jason will find a solution.

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Kim Kelly

Kim manages our back office and contract administration.  With qualifications in office management and many years experience in the building industry Kim brings a skill set most offices envy.
Organised, methodical, and outcome focused, Kim is the hub of our operations and is also our Managing Director.

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Stuart Drayton

Stuart has a natural and curious gravitation to all things tech. A background spanning 21 years in the hectic paced and precision focused world of broadcast television and film production.

Contact: LinkedIn | stuart.drayton@d2n.com.au

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